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Kanaha Beach Park - Just Minutes From The Office By Car
 Living on Maui
Maui ranks as one of the top resort islands in the world. Weather is pleasant year round. Outdoor recreational opportunities, gourmet restaurants, and world-class entertainment at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center are just some of the reasons Maui is home to a growing number of business and entertainment leaders. Not everyone considers Maui to be the best place to live, but we do. To learn more about Maui, visit the Maui Visitors Bureau Web Site.
Working on Maui
In contrast to working in Honolulu or many metropolitan areas in the continental (mainland) United States, vehicle commuting time is typically short. Consumers of public accounting services range from small "mom and pop" businesses to high technology ventures using the super computer and other state of the art facilities on Maui. This diversity requires individuals who both enjoy new challenges and seek to never stop learning and growing.
Radical Course Change Just Four Miles From The Office
A Summer Intern From Virginia Getting Real-Life Experience

Working For Niwao & Roberts
To serve our clients, we seek motivated individuals who not only possess strong communication and analytical skills, but also excellent interpersonal skills, including sensitivity to dealing with people of different cultures. At a minimum, applicants for employment as an associate should have a bachelor's degree with superior academic credentials.

How To Apply
If you would like to be considered for employment with our firm, mail a resume with cover letter to Niwao & Roberts, Certified Public Accountants, a Professional Corporation, 2145 Wells Street, Suite 402, Waiuluku, Hawaii  96793.  Or fax your resume and cover letter to (808) 242-4607.

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