Niwao & Roberts is a full service public accounting firm. Our combination of education, experience, and professional commitment allows us to offer high quality service at reasonable cost. The following is brief summary of the kinds of services we offer.

ASSURANCE: No business or organization can succeed for long without measuring its performance. Stockholders, lenders, creditors, and management need reliable information to make informed decisions. To help you make better decisions, we offer not only traditional audits, compilations, and reviews of financial statements, but also customized or non-traditional engagements tailored to meet specific reporting objectives in a cost-effective manner.

We take assurance services seriously. We received the highest rating, an unqualified opinion with no letter of comments, in the recent independent peer review of our accounting and auditing practice. Moreover, in contrast to some firms who view audit services as a "commodity," we also bring our management consulting hat to audit engagements, and routinely provide written or oral recommendations for improving internal control and operations based on observations made in the course of our audit procedures.

LITIGATION SUPPORT: Our slogan: "Combining Accounting and Legal Knowledge to Better Serve Our Clients" says it all. The president of our firm is licensed as both a certified public accountant and an attorney in the State of Hawaii. That combined knowledge base allows us to be a valuable consultant to any legal team. We perform forensic accounting and business valuations. Marilyn also has experience serving as master of the court. Effective litigation support requires sufficient depth of manpower, the ability to work well under pressure, and the willingness to work whatever hours it takes to get the job done. Contact us in confidence before you enter the litigation arena.

MANAGEMENT CONSULTING: Businesses have life cycles of their own. They are born, grow, and mature. Without periodic care and nurturing, however, they can become unprofitable or even face an untimely death. From start-up to the merger, sale, or liquidation, we can help guide you through each stage of your business.

TAXES: Tax laws constantly change. Even the attempts to simplify tax laws only seem to make them more complex. With so much of your money at stake for income, estate, gift, payroll, general excise, and other taxes, it only makes sense to seek the help of a tax professional. Our firm's accounting and legal knowledge can help you negotiate the maze and reduce one more worry in your life.

WRITE-UP: As a full service accounting firm, we are committed to offering bookkeeping, payroll, and other traditional accounting services for smaller businesses and individuals. Experience has shown us that recording transactions right the first time is far less expensive having to untangle the mess later. For those organizations who lack the size to justify an in-house professional accounting staff, or simply would rather outsource some or all of these services while they concentrate on what they enjoy or do best, we can help you with your needs.